blogger_faviconFavicon is one small part of your blog design, usually blogger blogs have Blogger logotype as favicon, but you can easily change it to your favicon. It can be your blog logotype or some funny small picture, for example 'smileicon'. Ok, take your logotype (if you have it) or some picture or draw your own logo in Photoshop (or other graphic editing software).
Creating Favicon After creating you logo you need to change size of it to 16x16 pixel and save it in '.ico' format ( for example: my_favicon.ico ). This can easily be done at FreeFavicon.
Installing Favicon

googlepagesNow you need to install your favicon to Internet. You can use one of the free image hosting provider or Google Page Creator. Just upload your .ico file to your Google pages directory, like on the picture.

Installing Favicon to Blogger Now you need to go to your Blogger account.
1. Click on 'Layout'.
2. Click on 'Edit HTML',
3. Backup your template!.
4. Now, if you are using google pages, you need to add the following codes right after the <head> code:

<link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='' rel='icon'/>

*Change '' to your account address, change 'my_favicon.ico' to your favicon name.
5. Save your changes.
* This changes will not appear immediately, just refresh it once and it should appear.
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